this is the deconstructive kind of blue, the delusional blue. the hue is destined turtlewise, defining its own depression by detaining the back door. it's the destructive kind of blue that ignores all manners and becomes humble and selfish at once. defaming blue is always regrettable in the end. no light is deft enough to reach the end of this tunnel, for the blue is too deep in delirium. dewey blue drowns in drainage day after day, dumbing down the last of its descendants, who are already deceasing and decreasing. desecrated blue is screaming for the extra naildunk, even when it can do no more damage. it takes delight in self-damnation, a default punishment it so desires. this blue is demeaning, one from which to stay distant. devastated blue cannot wait any more desperately for death; this blue has suffered the decadence of a demon in desolation. its depth echoing a deafening well, disillusioned blue creates rungs of redundancy until it wallows in self-pity, an evidently fatal deal. despicable blue despises itself, leaving no other to denounce. dissolvable blue leaves trails nonetheless, leftovers that threaten worldly poisoning. delicacy it has not developed. disintegrating blue does not know how to escape the disaster. its difficult shade grows stale in dementia. sober of any dreams, deviled blue delves further into the dimness of disfiguration, deeming itself daft and dark, dethroning itself from this dimension.

10/02, acrylic on canvas
click on the image to get the detail.
20"x24", $800